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Mental Health

Join us on this week of action bringing to light and finding collective

solutions to the daily social injustices that are impacting our mental health


24 Nov Housing Crisis and Mental Health

The UK’s growing housing crisis affects huge numbers of people with many at risk of homelessness. Join panelists Paul Watt visiting Professor at LSE, Dr Nina Carey Clinical Psychologist, Mick Cooper Professor of Counselling Psychology, Pat Turnbull local TRA representative, local residents and community representatives, to discuss the impact of the housing crisis on mental health and the actions we can all take to support the many experiencing distress through poor housing, homelessness and destitution Online, 6-7.30pm, via Zoom, Link to Register:

25 Nov Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Come join us on this important launch and be part of the positive change we want to create for our children’s and young people's mental health.  A collaboration between Hackney Quest, Hackney REP, That Mouth that Roars and the Mental Health Champion for the London Borough of Hackney, we launch the ‘Words Matter Campaign’ taking a closer look at the profound life-changing impact words can have on children and young people’s mental health and their lifelong view of themselves. Venue: Hackney Quest, 2pm

26 Nov Injusticias Sociales y el impacto a nuestra Salud Mental (español)

Sesión colectiva donde hablaremos sobre las experiencias de injusticias sociales que vive nuestra comunidad migrante y el impacto que tiene en nuestra salud mental. Buscamos encontrar soluciones colectivas para mejorar nuestro bienestar y salud emocional.

Casa Latinoamericana, 2pm

27 Nov Mental Health Crisis and local provision

Come and join panelists from Hackney Council, psychotherapist Paul Atkinson, and local residents to discuss why nearly 1.6 million people in the UK are still waiting for mental health support; how Hackney borough is combating the continued decrease in staffing and funding for mental health; how effective current mental health services are and what are the community-based alternatives

Online, 6-7.30pm, via Zoom, Link to Register:

30 Nov Food poverty and Mental Health

Join us to discuss the impact growing food poverty has on entire communities and direct actions we can all participate in. We are joined by panelists and representatives from the Right to Food and the No Child Left Behind national campaigns, who are leading the way pushing national leaders to ensure no child or adult in the country goes hungry

Online, 6-7.30pm, via Zoom, Link to Register:

1 Dec Mental Health our Universal Human Right

Join our closing event reflecting on the collective solutions shared throughout this week of action as a response to the growing impact social injustices have on our mental health. We will hear from panelists Andy Bell, Chief Executive for the Centre for Mental Health, Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care and local residents on the importance of our borough's call to recognise Mental Health as our Universal Human Right.

Online, 6-7.30pm, via Zoom, Link to Register:

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